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20X24 Black Mesh Tarp
20X24 Black Mesh Tarp

20X24 Black Mesh Tarp

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Black Mesh Tarps

Our mesh tarps IS 180G are Ideal to help you tackle all of your most complicated home and garden needs without hassle. A black mesh tarp is unique in its ability to provide extreme privacy, making it an perfect addition to your privacy fence. Still, these polypropylene tarps allow for about percent of sunlight to pass through, making them ideal for , gardening and nursery uses. Your low-light plants will thrive beneath a mesh tarp thanks to its 75 percent shade,  In addition, these outdoor coverings fully protect against harmful UV rays, meaning they   much sunlight. You can also use these products as dump truck tarps, since they’re designed to be heavy-duty and lightweight at once. Ideal for pool cover, each mesh tarp is built to last.

The Finish Size Of All Tarps Is 4 - 6 Percent Less Than Cut (Listed) Size